Hi there folks, glad spring is in the air i will be glad to see the cold weather behind us things seem so much more joyous when the sun is out and the days are light and breezy :))

The temperature has certainly been getting a lot hotter in the playroom too, with lots of hot candle wax play and electrical gadgets to stimulate the senses!! which brings Me to My latest activities with one of My slaves, such a fun evening had by both!!…. 

As soon as My slave entered i quickly thrust a hood on him to plunge him into darkness and used various tools for My Sadistic delights!

Secured firmly by rope to the bondage frame, i spun My wicked web!…fully naked, upper chest, arms, forearms, thighs, legs and feet totally imobolised naked and gagged. 

The physical coercion came mostly from the electric box, that kept him on the very tip of orgasm, whippings and nipple torture, along with some face slapping. I loved to see him shudder as he was bound helpless. Such a pretty picture he painted!!

Below is a snippet from the playroom;

Evidence of an evening well planned and beautifully played by ME!

Running through the whole gamut  of pleasure, suspense and pain 🙂

Until next time knots of love 😉

Allure x x


Hi all you kinky folk! you may have noticed i have been a little quiet on here… I’m truly sorry for My absence but i have been dealing with a very close family loss and its been an  extremely difficult and sad time for Me.

I needed time out to deal with this as i’m sure you can understand. Pleased i am feeling a little lighter and able to function to my best ability to keep ALL you needy boys at bay!!

My latest shenanigans in the playroom, as you can see from the pic  below:

is with one of My sissy sluts! who loves femminisation i really do enjoy playing with this naughty young filly! she loves to sashay around once dressed to thrill in her stockings, heels and corset!! and pose in a demure way i must admit she looks quite the part!

Such a pretty little whore once i have skillfully applied the make up and accesories, this particular slut loves dressing in shiny black pvc and she looks very enticing and surreal to say the least! perfect kinky slut!! 🙂

I take it quite seriously and love taking femme boys to new heights of femminine fantasies and training them to be the best ever sluts!!

I enjoy taking all his masculinity away!! and having her kneeling at My feet or over the bondage bench whilst i thrust My strap on deep within her holes.

Watching her gag and her red lipstick smearing over the silicon base! she worships it with her every greedy being getting it nice and moist ready for her other orifice.

I’ve trained her to be the perfect deep throat cock sucker in prep for her forced bi sessions with My well hung stud too!!

She is VERY willing and subservient in all areas, eager to please whatever i throw her way! she will obey My every whim!

My cane/crop and the force of My hand are all ready in waiting for any transgressions, or albeit My Sadistic side might just come out to play too!!

Tying you up or down, or putting you in chasity only enhances your vulnerability and helplessness, you will do exactly as i say as i reign down on your nipples, ass or your sissy clit!!

My sense of power, control and My feminine Superiority will have you weak and begging as you engage in your feminine fantasies!!

So if you would like to embrace those feminine desires within do get in touch, until then slutty red kisses .

Allure x x x








Hello slaves! Well it’s been a long time dear boys! YES biz biz biz as always! sorry but not much downtown of late 🙁

A deviation from the normal sissy attire,” but whats the norm?” whatever floats your boat and flicks your switch i say!! from recent events with one of My sissy boy’s embracing ALL that is PINK! of course the PVC outfit was worn only on My permission.

Strapped in the Bondage chair, feeling completely vulnerable and helpless, i compiled a list of implements ready to test his full submission to MOI! aside some dick sucking, humiliation and toilet training!

I fully enjoyed getting into his submissive mindset, i knew exactly his likes and dislikes and this made it all of a more enjoyable session, this had been developed over years of devoted servitude, so we both had a very sound understanding of each other.

Soo devoted, soo selfless and ready to pander to My desires, it speaks volumes the way you interact too, with courtesy, willingness, kindness and energy! something My sub had bundles of! which lead to a great connection :))

I knew he was hot for Latexthat shiny and smooth fabric really set the firecrackers, so i allowed him to change into many a different costume whilst engaging in numerous activities amidst a slaying of My razor cut tongue and a swift slap across the bare cheeks, that left him a nice deep red hue!

More cock guzzling and anal penetration submission followed, i loved forcing his head over My bulging strapon laced with lashings of My tasty saliva, it gave Me great pleasure watching his head throb back and forth and making him gag the full length of My monster cock, quite liberating! 🙂

The GRAND FINALE, i commanded My dear slut to open his trembling mouth wide and drink  gushings of My lovely sweet champagyne! Cheers to My lovely sissyboy….

See you soon.

Allure, sweet and Sadistic!! ha 🙂 x x










Hi there kinky folks, sorry for the eerie silence on here but i have been extremely busy!!

Yes guy’s wrapping you up in more ways than one, was the topic of recent event’s with one of My new slaves who i must admit surpassed in ALL areas to his submission, it was definitely a pleasant afternoon one spent ‘MUMMIFYING him’!!

Being a new submissive i gently coaxed him into My darkest, devious ways 🙂 with My expert guidance and feminine prowess!! :)) he felt safe and i knew exactly what he needed and boy did he get it!! *SMIRKS* 

Wrapped secure from head to toe in plastic wrap, holes plucked out for breathing access and the obvious targets!! for some titillation and copious amounts of torture 🙂 … 

Alas to end with some humiliation, after all its pretty darned HOT tightly wrapped in clingfilm, so the least of all i could do was parch his thirst with some well earned champagne ! ORGANIC as you can get!!:))

Imagine that heady feeling of being helpless and immobile, between periods of bitter sweet stimulation just slipping into a kinda sexual fugue ending with a SUPER ORGASM!!

BONDAGE,….. there’s something to be said about it!! capturing his submissive soul 😉

Yours snugly,

Allure x x


Are you looking for the respite you so sorely need? excuse the pun! have you been a BAD BAD BOY? I’m sure! if so i command you to step this way!

I am delighted to offer Double Discipline scenarios, with My strict lovely self and My fellow Domme the delectable Daniella Ducane.

It has to be said i do have an affinity for administering, disciplining and correcting males who NEED to be put firmly in their place! scoundrels, sinners, cheats, liars, literally that being a manner of all errant young men  and that primarily means the majority who are wayward and lack discipline!!

That is where I  Myself, will step in place and the lovely Daniella Ducane will also be at hand to address any naughty belilgerent males alongside of Me.

Equally as strict and fearsome, We, will equally be delighted to set the rules! set the pace! and most importantly set the punishment!!! 🙂 YES Double the dose, double the discipline :]

I am just as apt at embellishing roleplay scenario’s, acting the part as well as enacting the scene, as you will find out. It all comes so easily as My professional Acting skills and natural Dominance shines through.

Imagine that adrenalin rush as you are ordered by two strict, beautiful Disciplinarians, having your pants pulled down, put over the knee or strapped down to make you immobile while we set about giving you a thorough hiding!

Albeit a spanking (bare bottom), a cold caning (with or without marks) although the latter is MOST preferable, alongside traditional domestic implements (paddles, straps, hairbrushes).

I can also be quite ruthless and Sadistic, i get quite a thrill when i see those sacred scars appear it’s quite the pretty picture! and you will just as much relish wearing them across that butt of your’s, so be prepared for quite a fierce caning for the hardcore contentious offenders! i will enjoy to ruin you!! and not forgetting the novice newbies who have just scratched the surface of devious behaviours your plight will be considered.

Any back chat, mouths will be cleansed of all ills with a good mouth soaping, oh and any glancing up the stocking leg will obviously incur extra strokes/slaps We will determine your demise.

It ends when i say it ends, and not a moment before. Ohh and i forgot! you will feel thoroughly cleansed of all ills and, feel SOO SOO good! so much so, it wont be long  before you are sprinting back for more!! Mmmm what will it be next time?!! the brutal bullwhip? please do prepare oneself 🙂

I give you permission to apply NOW! email and take your place, you wont regret it!!!

Until then.

SLAPPP! Allure x




Taken from recent with one of My devout foot Worshipper’s  

There’s nothing quite like a humble foot servant paying “homage to My feet!” 🙂 it has to be said what women wouldn’t. 

My tootsies are perfect and require the utmost adulation and i use them to MY advantage!  

Kept in pristine condition with regular pedicures, polished in scarlet red or deep raven black, My favourite colours and the most silky soft soles to either crush you under, stomp on you, or just wiggle My varnished toes right under your nose! I may even let you plant a kiss on them.

All under My orders of course, and you will be only too happy to obey! 

Either way you will adore them and feel fully helpless once you have the privilege to be holding them, under them or kneeling at them :)) whatever i decide you will be in utmost deference to them.

Evocative and powerful, they will evoke strong emotions in you and leave you aching for more…

Until then foot sluts keep salvating!!

Foot kisses  Allure x x


Hi there folks i do hope you are all well, as you all know i am apt in the art of creating and playing out role play scenarios along with My Sadistic inclinations i  revelled in this particular scene one of My subs had sent Me. I was only to happy to play it out!

From a recent session…

M16  *evil*chief  agent A, interrogates North Korean spy Jay!

Does this conjure up visions of tentative, nervous, scary, thoughts?!  YES be afraid i would!

Spy J was captured and sent to Me, i was a chief agent for M16 and i had sent spy J out on a very intricate, dangerous mission to infiltrate secret government agencies and report back with  top secret documents.

Instead he leaked out vital information to the enemy, exposing Me and our company putting us at GREAT risk!! for that he will be severely dealt with or incarcerated for the rest of his life, but i was going to make him pay first!! 

BIG BIG MISTAKE!!and one he will not likely to admit to!!

Entering in to My headquarters i questioned him and told him the reasons he was here, i beckoned him to the corner i told him to strip naked, i then tied him securely to a chair. Upper chest,arms, forearms,thighs, legs and feet totally immobilized, i left the gag and hood untill later!

A. “Give up your secrets or pay for it HARD!!”

Wandering around the chair, i looked My spy straight in the eye and rested My hands on his shoulders.

A. “I have ways of squeezing information out of you, i will employ all types of coercion to make you confess… be afraid i would! You betrayed Me!

Not only will i be rigorous with your mind, body and emotional senses, i will wear you down and push your buttons! i know your fears and insecurities that reside in your psyche!

You will confess ALL” and i slapped him hard across his cheeks knocking his face from side to side, twisting his nipples and digging My nails in as hard as i could, then applying the most rigorous, heavy duty cold stainless steel clamps. 

J.”I beg you Agent A, please let Me explain i was forced into a situation where i had no choice there were tyrants from all over! i beg you!” it wasn’t me”

A.”What do you mean you were forced into a situation, it wasn’t you, your contradicting yourself aren’t you?!!”

J.” I mean i lied and gave them a cover story to protect us, i was getting attacked from all corners but managed to save our skin”


Kicking him hard in the groin, i watched his face contort in agony. I was determined to break him, to get him to divulge the truth, he broke Superior ethical rules of conduct, i would NOT allow him to get away with this!! 

Getting a short black whip with 12 cowhide strands, i snapped it precisley across his inner thighs and across his body. Howling and jerking as angry red stripes immediately appeared.

I bent down “want to tell Me now?”

Spy J soon realises he hasn’t a leg to stand on no pun intended, and that he is hopelessly at the mercy of his beautiful formidable Agent/ captor!

J. ” Aaaaaiiii cccan tell you Agent A that”…. he proceeded with a long drawn out insignificant story! i was not going to listen to this pile of nonsense!

That’s it i went and got a gag and hood and placed them accordingly! now he wil really suffer...

Lighting a red candle i watched it flicker, then slowly trickled it over his cock and balls that were tied up ready to pop! dripping it over his shoulders and nipples, i watched him  writhe and twist i then continued with the bullwhip until i knew he could take no more.

I whipped off his hood and took out the ball gag, panting and gasping he pleaded… 

I didn’t inherit My name and position without due reason!

Finally he confessed, i left him in confinement to recover!!

After his recovery, spy J said “WOW”! Miss A that was the best roleplay scenario ever, i can see where your Performing Arts background comes into play i was thoroughly caught up in the scene, you are a real Professional and far surpassed anything i had ever imagined! you completely overpowered Me and kept Me on a sizzling edge. I will definitely be back for more”….. 

Mission accomplished! 

Evil Agent A over and out! x x




Hello Guy’s how the ‘devil are you?’ hope you are all being good, or bad? i prefer the latter!! then i can correct you in any way i want! lol! 🙂

Well lots going on… and then i had My computer melt down for quite a few weeks, which was a tad frustrating to say the least but all fixed thankfully. Systems are just not what they used to be! designed to break! crash! we are sooo controlled by them, a scary thought really! 🙁

I think i NEED a P.A. as i really don’t have much time, hence the lack of blogging!  SorrrrrY! at least mine are real, au naturel and from my own mother tongue! not some fancy script writer!!

Anyway on to the subject in hand, it’s always nice when your regular clients show their appreciation, or newcomers as a matter of fact, whether that be a small gift, flowers, cards or a thank you note” it shows they really enjoyed the session and appreciate your time.

You can also see all of My reviews on My ‘reviews page’ all of which are 100% genuine, sent from all  the lovely subs, slaves, sissies i have sessioned with over time.

My client from the States sent Me this a few weeks ago… a ‘thank you note’ it just made Me smile 🙂 fond memories!


Thought i would share it, as appreciation goes a long way, and i always enjoy our sessions together, of course not to mention with the select few of the rest of you zealous, humble males! i have gotten to know and you have had the pleasure of serving )) 

Thank you Alex, and i do look forward to your next visit.

Yours, with a BIG smile! a cutting tongue!! and knots of love 😉

Allure x x 




Well helloooo there guy’s, soz it’ been a while but lot’s going on….what with Xmas, studying :>) then hols for 2 weeks which was amaZZing!!  then to get sick with a nasty bug!  of which set Me back with a whole host of things! 🙁

But fully recovered and having fun with YOU boys!! which brings Me to a most recent session with one of My favourite subbies, only too happy to suffer and submit to whatever is on My agenda! 🙂

Very adapt at construing *roleplay scenarios* hence My background in performing arts, i was only too happy to create a scene which i fully enjoy playing.

Little did he know what was in store….

As soon as he come in i ordered him to drop to the floor and interrogation began!!

I was informed through My company that Mr. J was continuously turning up late! he had already been reprimanded about this, but still it continued?!

Not only that a VERY serious offence had also been bought to My attention! SOLID PROOF from the surveillance cameras which are installed at various points, away from the roving eye!

There’s nothing quite like catching a thief! and those crazy action packed moments after!! I mean the absurbity of it!! lol oh he was definitely caught in the act! stupid man!

How dare he sneak back into My office, steal My MOST expensive silk nylons (agent provocateur) My favourite and My beautiful silk (La Perla) panties!! I kept in My cupboard for special occasions and the odd dinner out.

I had wondered where they kept vanishing to? and so cameras had been set in place! and now i had caught the culprit!

Not only that he had put them on underneath his clothes, sat in My office and wanked, and todelled off home in them!! A bloody cheek if you ask ME!! How dare he?!!

I just couldn’t quite believe it?! i mean Mr.J was one of My top senior partners and had a very well payed salary, with many perks of the job! surely he wouldn’t want to jeopardise that?!!

Interrogating him, i gave him a  last chance to confess, he had no idea i had the tapes! at first he was slightly hesitant, then when threatened with the sack  in a blubbering nervous wreck he admitted his shameful act, the theft and why he kept coming in late!! 


I told him i may consider keeping him on, only if he did as i said and that he would be humiliated in any way as part of the consequences! of course he surrendered.

He told Me he had a fetish for beautiful nylons and panties, adored the nylons on Me, and that he had just wanted to feel Me next to his skin!! lame excuse! LOL :))

I told him i was going to dress him as a girl and use him as My bitch and perform any lewd acts from thereon!

Firstly i made him dress in stockings, panties, ladies wear and heels, what a pathetic sight he looked! i wanted him to feel the humiliation of being forced into womens clothes and then on with some slut training!

Tied securely in rope, forced on his knees and forced to suck My huge strapon, repeating “what a pathetic little sissy slut he was”!

After, i made him get on the strapping bench, where i would show him how *sluts* got f*cked!

Strapped down and given a most HARSH spanking and strapping, one he would never forget in a hurry!

30 with My bare hand to warm the pathetic backside up, then 30 with My lovely black leather strap!!

The pathetic boy got his just desserts!!

I took pictures of him and informed him they would be posted alongside the photographic evidence i already had of him on the “works noticeboard for all to see”! how thoroughly embarrassing! he begged Me not too, oh aaaand he was STILL going to loose his job”!

TUFF!  he wouldn’t do that in a hurry again!!

Crawl, grovel, beg to be in his place! I might consider you!! lol

And here we have the culprit….


You will crawl, grovel for forgiveness!!

Until next time….

laughing all the way home! 🙂

Allure x x






Hi there guys, i do hope you are all getting in the Xmas spirit! 🙂 

I know i am and it seems what better way at this busy time of year for releasing your pent up frustrations and stressed out work commitments….

With no other than Myself. YES! in My good hands to unravel the depth of your fantasies and be helpless under My control,” its such a buzz! being fully restrained tight ropes binding around my skin and the nervous anticipation of what will happen next?! it was unreal”! quote from My bondage slave 🙂

The power exchange from always being in control and the Alpha guy on top to suddenly switch the dynamics and submit to being completely powerless is somewhat exhilarating!!

Which brings Me to the topic for today of My bondage slave, of whom recently had the pleasure of submitting to Me, and i had the pleasure of playing with 🙂 such fun!

This particular submissive had emailed Me previous had told Me is likes and dislikes and that he had always had a fascination of being taken captive by a very dominant and sadistic woman from a young age.

He’d played with partners and now wanted to take it further with a professional. That sense of helplessness had always got to him he said. Having watched some German and French arthouse films had confirmed it wasn’t him just being weird, but a deeper part of the male psyche.

He had read My glowing reviews and said that had spurred him on, and that he had felt an instant affinity with My persona and appearance. Also that he could trust to be in safe professional hands.

Not only that he had read on My website and on My twitter feed, just how much i enjoyed playing with My subs. This was a big plus, he didn’t want someone who just went through the motions.

We arranged times and dates, and with that said here he was now in My Domain, waiting to be putty in My hands!!

I told him i was going to gag him, and to signal with his head in 1 direction that would be his safety net that he had reached his limit, although i firmly told him i hoped he wouldn’t have to use it.

So once bound securely in My web of ropes, spreadeagled,  leather cuffs, ball gag and a blindfold slipped over the eyes, i must say it looked pretty impressive the play began…

I was looking forward to this…

A soft flogger to start, gently at first warming and awakening, a pin wheel with sharp little teeth i carefully ran across the inner thighs slowly up and around the nipples, twitching and trembling i continued on to the crop a few medium blows then slightly harder across the genitals!! 

Then on to the nipples again gently squeezing and twisting them between My fingers & pinching them harder until finally on with the nice cold metal nipple clamps! tugging them bit by bit i then layered them with more clamps!

By this time My sub was flinching in pain, Yeowwwwww! the chains tugging harder every time i whipped across that cock! and to heighten the pain i kept releasing the clamps on and off 🙂

Time to HOT things up!! on to some nice Hot wax, slowly i poured and watched it trickle over the nipples, down to the abdomen and slowly tipping it ALL over his cock! :)) struggling but unable to move, i continued on…

What next i thought?? *evil grins*

Out with My case of electrodes 🙂 i fitted the wires which were carefully positioned around his already bulging cock, i slipped the blindfold off to give him a quick glimpse of what was to happen next, his eyes lit up with the right amount of excitement and fear, then i plunged him back into darkness! Oh this would be FUNNNN!

Methodically  i switched it up and down, every fifteen seconds i gave him another jolt! i played with the power to keep him just on the edge, sensing when i had reached his limit…with juices now flowing i whipped the electrics off quickly, took his ball gag out and teased the hell out of him with My magic wand until he lost himself in the moment screaming!

The tingling up and down his cock, the buzz of the vibrator, the squeezing of his nuts and the sharp shots of My teeth around his nipples do their work along with being completely helpless and overpowered, the ropes pressing into his skin just did it and threw him over the edge!!

After we talked about the session, giving him time to come back down, he said” it was like an out of body experience and thoroughly enjoyed the session, he loved the way i had perfectly timed and executed everything, it was amazing and would be honoured if i would let him serve Me again”.

A still taken from the recent session with My subs permission. Gratefully appreciated. I respect all of My clients discretion, and no pictures would be taken without consent.


He was the perfect sub, and i thoroughly enjoyed playing with him. We discussed in brief our next session. Until next time slave T.

I love playing with ropes, tying men up toying, teasing and subjecting them to My instruments of torture! from mild to the extreme it’s what I choose and you desire. 

Knots of love! your one and only cruel Sadistic Mistress x x