Hi there My kinky bad boys!

Well its been a busy time, My schedule is hectic!  as some of you probably know and i can think of nothing better than to take it out on YOU!!

I am pleased to announce the arrival of My NEW whipping bench the perfect tool to keep you under control as i thrash the hell out of you! 🙂

Strong, sturdy and secure to keep your wriggling bottoms at bay!!

A glimpse of one bad boy, getting his just desserts!!

Strapped in, strapped down and strapped hard!!

This lucky sub left with a burrrrrrning desire for more!!!


Until next time!

Whack Allure x x






Well all i can say what a wonderful interesting kinky afternoon i had a few days ago with one of My favourite slaves and My beautiful naughty as ever submiss K!!

She truly deserved a well caned butt for the shenanigans she had told Me she had been involved in! and spent the afternoon suffering as a consequence!!

With that demure, sweet and innocent facade rest assured  once unveiled you will realise just how devishly naughty she really is.

Enacting a role play scenario, Miss K was tied stripped and dealt with! head lowered, humble and  gracious for what she was about to recieve.

I wanted her to wince, to beg and cry! 

As the pain and pleasure swirled through her , she begged for more, it was what she really enjoyed suffering! you could tell that by the way her body writhed aside her primal strangled cries, it certainly got My slave charged too!

She was so ready for  her release, but not before i was ready to give it, i would deny her and let her suffer more.

I informed miss Katy she would receive further stimulation with My toys, still tied and with her collar on  i commanded her into another play room.

She quickly obeyed and then went back into her submissive position… ass resting on her heels, knees apart and hands still tied behind her back. Such a lovely position.

Me and My slave then worked in tandem with various toys, clamps, dildos the list was endless 🙂 

The fiery heat from that cute little butt still roared along with all the other sensations we inflicted until My little femsub could take no more and under My orders we watched the insane creschendo of her orgasm! the energy was tantalising!!

Depleted she fell back, whilst she regained composure. I then commanded she could get dressed,  all coy she got up sheepishly got dressed and whispered in My ear on leaving…”thank you Mistress can we do that again soon??”

I winked and bode her goodbye 😉

Such a fabulous afternoon spent!


Remnants of sub girls well caned butt!

If you would like the pleasure of a scenario involving My gorgeous sub miss, please get in touch.

Sadistically yours! Allure x x


Traditional Discipline

 Well it all started wayyyy back in Timothy’s teenage years so he told Me.

He was the wayward, errant, devilish young man who seemed to always be in trouble, felt he was cursed in some ways as he was to and forth constantly to the HEAD MISSE’S office.

Scolded, reprimanded and punished in ways that significantly left their mark!!

Both physically and psychologically, he reminisced. Of course he fancied the Head Miss and fantasized about her endlessly.

Who wouldn’t she was stunning! tall, slim, strict with beautiful long legs, very very intimidating! aaaand, ruled with an iron hand!

BOYYY had he had some harsh spankings! and he remembered she had  the iciest of voices which made him shudder and nervously excited him at the same time!

“You will address Me as Miss Jones at ALL times” he remembered vivid in his memory, which looking back he said bought him to ME!!

” I was the perfect epitome of his school Head Miss”! so he said and he had heard through the grapevine that i could be the cruelest of Misses! perfect that was just what he was looking for.

So that leaves Me to say… YES! perfectly true Mr. Timothy 🙂

Giving a GOOD old fashioned spanking is one of My pleasures, and i must admit i do it rather well!.

I love nothing more than to pull you over My knee and spank that virgin flesh of your butt, until i am quite satisfied you have learnt your lesson!

In “Timothy’s case” he never did!! lol! which is why he kept coming back for more! I’m not sure if that’s because he had a crush on his Head teacher and he enjoyed the spankings, but i’m almost certain a mixture of both 🙂

I will punish you with strict no nonsense discipline, using traditional domestic implements. Hairbrushes, straps, paddles and of course My favourite… My good old FIRM hand! 

Not only will you be scolded, you will be ear marched into  a corner and made to stand hands on your head for however long i instruct, and any back chat will have your mouth washed of that demon tongue with a nice bar of My lovely soap!!

Then back over My knee, for a true, good and hard  OTK (over the knee) bare bottom spanking plus some wicked smacks with My leather straps/paddles. You will be more than flushed by the time i have finished with you! 

No matter how much you may whimper, protest , flail or cry! it will end when i say it ends.

I am in charge, you do as i say! The spankings i give are mine! i will decide everything from the intensity, the length, the implement and when they will finish 🙂

Having whacked your bare butt, i will then apply some lotion, spray or cream to your reddened sore cheeks. The alcohol based lotion may sting and add to your already stinging butt cheeks, but will also cool your glowing red ass!

You will feel a catharsis and amazing release you hadn’t expected. LESSON LEARNT!!

The end result of Timothy’s, bare bottom spanking role play scenario, a few days ago!….


 The moral of the story is once bitten! twice smitten!! :-))

Until next time…. SLAP! SMACK!  Allure x x 😉





I’m sure for those who get a buzz from this type of play, i know i certainly do it gives Me such a great kick! you will know that Humiliation can encompass  a wide range of  paraphilia  from verbal and/or to physical.

It can also touch strong emotional buttons, so generally considered edgeplay too.

Extreme humiliation is called degradation this can also involve a wide range of activities, such as HUMAN TOILET PLAY of which i offer  both.

Watersports:- drenching you in My golden nectar/being made to drink it, and Hardsports:-forcing you to munch on My caviar!! tasteful and delightful!!  and the ultimate in being forced! 🙂  i love to play with your mental and your physical. 

You WILL always take a subordinate role and be called a manner of names, tongue lashed and  you will be constantly told of your low status!

Physically- you will be dressed in whatever i desire, the more ridiculous the better! Ejaculating, spitting, slapping, ear pulling and urinating on your submissive little being! Oh such fun!!

SOOOOO on that little intro i would just like to say….


CALLING ALL Piggies, pooches and bitches…

Your ALPHA BITCH is back from holidays with a vengeance! more mean! with a venomous tongue to put you in your place and a wicked sense of humour mostly to LAUGH at you MY pets!! :)))

Yes today’s focus being on ANIMAL PLAY….

Have you dreamt of being deliriously laughed at, mocked, degraded, embarrassed at your pathetic self!

I can be VERY VOCAL with a razor sharp tongue that will cut like a knife, some of you may seek to be demeaned by forms of an acting role also this simply can ALL be put in place!

As this little trotter  found out the other day! 🙂 i had the most fun humiliating this piggie !!

Treats! were sniffing Mistresses beautiful bottom : )


ALL Pets will wear a collar at ALL times unless i decide otherwise and/or leashed, and be forced to walk behind ME always.

My beloved pooches will also be made to eat scraps of whatever i decide from the dog bowl and lap up any liquid given!

Piggies will ‘oink’  and ALL pets may be made to perform tasks, of which if not performed correctly  will incurr punishment!

One of My friends May also be brought into the scene to embarrass you further!! LOL… 

All of the above is obviously all negotiated beforehand your desires, limits scene etc.

Mistress is waiting for more PETS to entertain her :))

Until next time whoofters and hooters x x x


Hi guys, just a quick update on My latest jaunts; as busy as ever so i am pleased and excited to be heading  off on a well deserved holiday! yes i will be away from yielding My power and letting rip on sunny shores ahead!! 🙂

I will be leaving you naughty little devils on the 1st of June -16th yes 2 whole weeks n a bit  of incandescent fun! :))

I hope you greedy little boys will not be too starved…hahaha!

You may however contact Me via email. 

“work hard play hard” that’s My motto & that’s exactly what i intend to do! :)) 

So on that note i will bid you farewell, be good! be bad! and whatever else inbetween 😉

SLAP  Allure x x


Hi there all you kinky folk, hope you are all being as naughty/well behaved as ever?!! undoubtedly  good as allways in My presence ! 🙂

Sorry if i don’t blog as much as you guys would probably prefer, but  im really very busy with work, My other business ventures and expanding My academic skills, i really am on the go go!

On a positive note, i am pleased to announce the arrival of My HOT beautiful new submissive girl to My stable 🙂


As you can see from the pics, she is young, sweet, very willing, and very submissive! and has a voracious appetite for punishment and submission.

She is more than willing to submit for a firm spanking, paddling, a hard caning, rope, clamps…most things with discretion of course,  admittedly Miss K can be very naughty!! all the more for surrendering that beautiful pert bottom 🙂

Saying that, she takes a hard caning and i must admit there’s something about seeing those stripes appear on her well caned butt, that really get Me going too!! 

So if you feel you would like to introduce a new dynamic to the mix, and have a naughty little sub girl at My side and of course yours whatever the scenario, i guarantee it will leave you ‘hot under the collar’ and  you will leave with a most memorable experience.

A sublime mixture of submission & My dominant self:))

Sub girl sessions need to be booked in advance, with a deposit of £50, email Me if you are interested:-

I look forward to our adventures, until next time… 

 Allure x x










Hi ALL , well spring is in the air & most certainly in My step! i look forward to airing My lovely feet in public once again.

Wiggling My toes through strappy sandals, causes utter chaos…or just peeping through those thin straps 🙂 inside or outside My playspace, men just seem to go GA GA! hardly surprising though 🙂

Which, brings Me on to My adoring foot fan who had the privilege of submitting to My feet recently, he just drools at the sight of them…

Anything to Kiss, lick, clean, caress whatever i command you will be totally smitten, My perfectly primed, glossy scarlet Red toes, perfectly aligned arches with a minuscule of ripples, ultra smooth silky soft skin to maybe crush you under or fill yr mouth full with My wiggling toes will most certainly be an honour…if i do decide you worthy!

I will tease, torment and control you! whether that be tied up, restrained, underneath them i WILL decide.. barefeet, in heels or clad in nylons as My lucky slave had the pleasure…a quick peek of My foot slave gazing adoringly 🙂 the ALLURE of My feet …his “archilles heel” as he  so put it! :))                                                                                  

2016-03-21_13.46.37.jpg footslave


 UNTIL NEXT TIME FOOT SLUTS, foot kisses xxx right across your mouth 😉






Having much debauched fun over the last few days, especially with ‘Katy’ My new sissy boi.

Katy had emailed Me on quite a few occasions explaining his deep yearning to live out his secret desire to be transformed into a woman, and be completely used  and said he could think of no one better than Myself, and wanted to submit himself completely to Me in whatever way asked.

He had heard through the grapevine of how i was the ‘ultimate sissy trainer’ (especially with novice boys like himself) and how much i enjoyed transforming and training beta males into the perfect slut dolls! 🙂

Oh yes, i thrived on these kind of sessions, they gave Me the ultimate buzz! seeing the perfect manifestation of a well heeled woman, under My control and ultimately succumbing to My cock was just perfect! 🙂

I would put him through his paces!

Made up, gagged and then put in bondage. I then set about teaching her the art of submitting to My delicious cock that she had so deeply desired.


Any concerns were given beforehand, a safe word given and then i started to proceed…

I strapped her to the cross first, and made her watch Me put on My strap on cock, teasing her with My cock!!, i watched her slowly getting aroused…

Time for slut training i thought! i released her ready to show Me what a good slut she really could be for Me, and released the gag for a while.

Firstly i forced her to suck My cock as deep as could be, quite the cock sucker i must admit. Impressed with her oral skills i then told her i was going to break her little sissy clit.

Slowly and gently i started to proceed…finger first and plenty of lube,and then inserted a soft jelly like butt plug for more comfort, this would help prepare the little sissy hole for further penetration of ‘My lovely strapon’! she was ordered to keep it in place, snug in her sissy clit.

When i felt her clit relax, i penetrated it more with a vibrating dildo this was ecstasy she mentioned after, although i could see from the beads of sweat expiring from her forehead !

Coupled with some punishment, obedience training and strict orgasm control to heighten the submission, along with some humiliation of course, i would leave that particular vein until the very end!!! :))

I then proceeded to My smallest of strapons to gently break My sissy boi! OH the fun! and the look on My sissys face could paint a pretty picture!

She had the most insatiable appetite for My cock, after being warmed up as such!!

The ultimate finale, was being rewarded with My exquisite champagne, she couldn’t quite contain herself!

On her back, arms and legs restrained and head locked in My toilet box i ordered her to drink! making sure there was no spillage.

Well done sissy boi, this is what you will get everytime you please Me, how humiliating and delightful i thought! 🙂

I was amazed at how well she embraced everything considering it was her first time, she said “it was because she felt very relaxed under My guidance and control and trusted Me explicitly”.

Katy was the perect little sissy, obedient, attentive and very willing to please Me, even to the very last drop!! :)) She will be back for more, now she had  her cock locked, and was served the MOST delicious champagne! 😉

Instructions were given to keep practising wearing panties whenever possible,walking in heels and being a good slut!

I do look forward to training Katy further. Until next time 😉

If you would like Me to train you to be My sissy slut and be forced to submit to My delicious refreshments, then you may apply by email :

See you soon Allure x x






Salutations dear kinksters!

Hope you all had a fantastic Xmas & New Year 🙂 tis time to reflect, keep to your resolutions! aaaaand be as filthy as ever! :0 

Well we are leaping into the New Year and i hope you manage to take that leap (especially newbies) to explore your wildest fantasies/fetishes with Me.

I have been as busy as ever, and would like to share a snippet of My  antics in My den of debauchery! :))

A menage a trois of sluts galore!! Ohhh what fun :))) 


Not the best of pics, but i am no “David Bailey” and quickly flashed (with consent of course) happily may i add, *pure exhibitionistic sluts* !!!

Soooo relish in your inner slut? now is the time! * FORCED BI SCENARIOS* are now taking place with a free slut on hand, every Tuesday and Wednesday, other days a payment is required for stud boy 🙂

All forced bi scenarios need to be booked in advance, contact Me for further details at :

Everything is supervised by MOI of course, No holes barred!! excuse the pun 😉 forced or not? you WILL submit :0

Sluts, sissies, femboys, or just kinkbods who would like to explore their darkest, deepest fantasies.

Book NOW! this could be you, i guarantee you will have the time of your life!! in a professional, controlled, safe, relaxed setting :))

Unleash the beast inside of you!!! 

Happy slutsday, Allure x x










Festive greetings kinkbods! ‘Hurrah! Hurrah!’ & a very Merry Kinky Xmas to all! 😀

Well sorry if i haven’t been on here much, but it seems My time is very limited 🙁 one  is always soo busy either with men behaving badly LOL!! or just socially busy 🙂

The good news is, i will be available again for sessions from the 28th of December, right the way through the holiday season (excluding New Years Eve – oh NO that one is definitely for Me and New Years Day). 

Maybe, i re-phrase that, YOU WILL no doubt be in need of some discipline after slugging back on  tedious amounts of alcohol & frivolities…! need i say More… Sooo

Peace, Love & Goodwill topped with lashings and thrashings of ALL!!

“hit me baby one more time”!


Allure x x