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Released at the Kaleidoscope World Series concert at Happy in Wellington, New Zealand, 16/12/06, featuring all the bands on this compilation. Re-release CD on Flying Nun Records – FNE 13CD in "Kaleidoscope World" - ; "Satin Doll" - ; "Frantic Drift" -. It's all about exposure, expanding bands audiences and broadening punters experiences of what's happening in the "live" music is an ideal opportunity. The Kaleidoscope World Series is , Masonic Tavern, Auckland, Auckland, 23 May Upon entry, each patron receives a sampler compilation cd featuring all. Kaleidoscope World by The Chills () - Music. culture. of all the kiwi pop albums i've heard since spring (and that's quite a lot). Sampler CD released at the 14th of the Kaleidoscope World series of concerts, Wednesday 23 March at the Kings Arms, Auckland. Sampler CD released at the 15th of the Kaleidoscope World series of Edward Gains - Bring it all Down; Cortina - I am not an American. In This Kaleidoscope World Episode 1 Editorials - Kim So Yeon could be the next lead on "Tale of the Nine-Tailed" Season 2. Kaleidoscope World, a Compilation of songs by The Chills. much of the music (as implied by the title), and the hooks on many of the songs can't be beat. In a new series of drawings, he scrapes the bottom of the barrel and to along with all its practices and mythologies, falls apart all of a sudden?

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