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Generalized hypoxia is a condition in which the tissues of the body are deprived of the necessary levels of oxygen. Anemic hypoxia is a “relative” anemia caused by the decreased O2-carrying capacity of compromised hemoglobin. While anemic hypoxia can be due to massive blood. Hypoxic hypoxia (hypoxemic hypoxia): In this type of hypoxia, the tissues do not have enough oxygen because there is a lack of oxygen in the blood flowing to. Hypoxia is a reduction in oxygen availability, which can impair brain function and performance of operational and safety-critical tasks. HH. "Hypoxic hypoxia" redirects here. For other uses of the term "hypoxia", see Hypoxia (disambiguation). Generalized hypoxia is a condition in which the tissues. Hypoxic hypoxia or generalized hypoxia This refers to hypoxia resulting from an inadequate saturation of blood oxygen due to a reduced supply. Hypoxia is low oxygen content at the tissue level to meet the metabolic needs of the cells. The condition can occur in a patient for a variety. Stagnant hypoxia, as its name implies, refers to situations in which blood flow is abnormally low as occurs in shock, syncope or other “low-flow” states. This type of hypoxia occurs at the circulatory level. If the blood flow is compromised for any reason, then sufficient oxygen cannot get to the. Stagnant hypoxia, in which blood flow through the capillaries is insufficient to supply the tissues, may be general or local. If general, it may result from.

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