Well all i can say what a wonderful interesting kinky afternoon i had a few days ago with one of My favourite slaves and My beautiful naughty as ever submiss K!!

She truly deserved a well caned butt for the shenanigans she had told Me she had been involved in! and spent the afternoon suffering as a consequence!!

With that demure, sweet and innocent facade rest assured  once unveiled you will realise just how devishly naughty she really is.

Enacting a role play scenario, Miss K was tied stripped and dealt with! head lowered, humble and  gracious for what she was about to recieve.

I wanted her to wince, to beg and cry! 

As the pain and pleasure swirled through her , she begged for more, it was what she really enjoyed suffering! you could tell that by the way her body writhed aside her primal strangled cries, it certainly got My slave charged too!

She was so ready for  her release, but not before i was ready to give it, i would deny her and let her suffer more.

I informed miss Katy she would receive further stimulation with My toys, still tied and with her collar on  i commanded her into another play room.

She quickly obeyed and then went back into her submissive position… ass resting on her heels, knees apart and hands still tied behind her back. Such a lovely position.

Me and My slave then worked in tandem with various toys, clamps, dildos the list was endless 🙂 

The fiery heat from that cute little butt still roared along with all the other sensations we inflicted until My little femsub could take no more and under My orders we watched the insane creschendo of her orgasm! the energy was tantalising!!

Depleted she fell back, whilst she regained composure. I then commanded she could get dressed,  all coy she got up sheepishly got dressed and whispered in My ear on leaving…”thank you Mistress can we do that again soon??”

I winked and bode her goodbye 😉

Such a fabulous afternoon spent!


Remnants of sub girls well caned butt!

If you would like the pleasure of a scenario involving My gorgeous sub miss, please get in touch.

Sadistically yours! Allure x x