Hi there folks, glad spring is in the air i will be glad to see the cold weather behind us things seem so much more joyous when the sun is out and the days are light and breezy :))

The temperature has certainly been getting a lot hotter in the playroom too, with lots of hot candle wax play and electrical gadgets to stimulate the senses!! which brings Me to My latest activities with one of My slaves, such a fun evening had by both!!…. 

As soon as My slave entered i quickly thrust a hood on him to plunge him into darkness and used various tools for My Sadistic delights!

Secured firmly by rope to the bondage frame, i spun My wicked web!…fully naked, upper chest, arms, forearms, thighs, legs and feet totally imobolised naked and gagged. 

The physical coercion came mostly from the electric box, that kept him on the very tip of orgasm, whippings and nipple torture, along with some face slapping. I loved to see him shudder as he was bound helpless. Such a pretty picture he painted!!

Below is a snippet from the playroom;

Evidence of an evening well planned and beautifully played by ME!

Running through the whole gamut  of pleasure, suspense and pain 🙂

Until next time knots of love 😉

Allure x x