Are you looking for the respite you so sorely need? excuse the pun! have you been a BAD BAD BOY? I’m sure! if so i command you to step this way!

I am delighted to offer Double Discipline scenarios, with My strict lovely self and My fellow Domme the delectable Daniella Ducane.

It has to be said i do have an affinity for administering, disciplining and correcting males who NEED to be put firmly in their place! scoundrels, sinners, cheats, liars, literally that being a manner of all errant young men  and that primarily means the majority who are wayward and lack discipline!!

That is where I  Myself, will step in place and the lovely Daniella Ducane will also be at hand to address any naughty belilgerent males alongside of Me.

Equally as strict and fearsome, We, will equally be delighted to set the rules! set the pace! and most importantly set the punishment!!! 🙂 YES Double the dose, double the discipline :]

I am just as apt at embellishing roleplay scenario’s, acting the part as well as enacting the scene, as you will find out. It all comes so easily as My professional Acting skills and natural Dominance shines through.

Imagine that adrenalin rush as you are ordered by two strict, beautiful Disciplinarians, having your pants pulled down, put over the knee or strapped down to make you immobile while we set about giving you a thorough hiding!

Albeit a spanking (bare bottom), a cold caning (with or without marks) although the latter is MOST preferable, alongside traditional domestic implements (paddles, straps, hairbrushes).

I can also be quite ruthless and Sadistic, i get quite a thrill when i see those sacred scars appear it’s quite the pretty picture! and you will just as much relish wearing them across that butt of your’s, so be prepared for quite a fierce caning for the hardcore contentious offenders! i will enjoy to ruin you!! and not forgetting the novice newbies who have just scratched the surface of devious behaviours your plight will be considered.

Any back chat, mouths will be cleansed of all ills with a good mouth soaping, oh and any glancing up the stocking leg will obviously incur extra strokes/slaps We will determine your demise.

It ends when i say it ends, and not a moment before. Ohh and i forgot! you will feel thoroughly cleansed of all ills and, feel SOO SOO good! so much so, it wont be long  before you are sprinting back for more!! Mmmm what will it be next time?!! the brutal bullwhip? please do prepare oneself 🙂

I give you permission to apply NOW! email and take your place, you wont regret it!!!

Until then.

SLAPPP! Allure x