Hi all you kinky folk! you may have noticed i have been a little quiet on here… I’m truly sorry for My absence but i have been dealing with a very close family loss and its been an  extremely difficult and sad time for Me.

I needed time out to deal with this as i’m sure you can understand. Pleased i am feeling a little lighter and able to function to my best ability to keep ALL you needy boys at bay!!

My latest shenanigans in the playroom, as you can see from the pic  below:

is with one of My sissy sluts! who loves femminisation i really do enjoy playing with this naughty young filly! she loves to sashay around once dressed to thrill in her stockings, heels and corset!! and pose in a demure way i must admit she looks quite the part!

Such a pretty little whore once i have skillfully applied the make up and accesories, this particular slut loves dressing in shiny black pvc and she looks very enticing and surreal to say the least! perfect kinky slut!! 🙂

I take it quite seriously and love taking femme boys to new heights of femminine fantasies and training them to be the best ever sluts!!

I enjoy taking all his masculinity away!! and having her kneeling at My feet or over the bondage bench whilst i thrust My strap on deep within her holes.

Watching her gag and her red lipstick smearing over the silicon base! she worships it with her every greedy being getting it nice and moist ready for her other orifice.

I’ve trained her to be the perfect deep throat cock sucker in prep for her forced bi sessions with My well hung stud too!!

She is VERY willing and subservient in all areas, eager to please whatever i throw her way! she will obey My every whim!

My cane/crop and the force of My hand are all ready in waiting for any transgressions, or albeit My Sadistic side might just come out to play too!!

Tying you up or down, or putting you in chasity only enhances your vulnerability and helplessness, you will do exactly as i say as i reign down on your nipples, ass or your sissy clit!!

My sense of power, control and My feminine Superiority will have you weak and begging as you engage in your feminine fantasies!!

So if you would like to embrace those feminine desires within do get in touch, until then slutty red kisses .

Allure x x x