Taken from recent with one of My devout foot Worshipper’s  

There’s nothing quite like a humble foot servant paying “homage to My feet!” 🙂 it has to be said what women wouldn’t. 

My tootsies are perfect and require the utmost adulation and i use them to MY advantage!  

Kept in pristine condition with regular pedicures, polished in scarlet red or deep raven black, My favourite colours and the most silky soft soles to either crush you under, stomp on you, or just wiggle My varnished toes right under your nose! I may even let you plant a kiss on them.

All under My orders of course, and you will be only too happy to obey! 

Either way you will adore them and feel fully helpless once you have the privilege to be holding them, under them or kneeling at them :)) whatever i decide you will be in utmost deference to them.

Evocative and powerful, they will evoke strong emotions in you and leave you aching for more…

Until then foot sluts keep salvating!!

Foot kisses  Allure x x