I’m sure for those who get a buzz from this type of play, i know i certainly do it gives Me such a great kick! you will know that Humiliation can encompass  a wide range of  paraphilia  from verbal and/or to physical.

It can also touch strong emotional buttons, so generally considered edgeplay too.

Extreme humiliation is called degradation this can also involve a wide range of activities, such as HUMAN TOILET PLAY of which i offer  both.

Watersports:- drenching you in My golden nectar/being made to drink it, and Hardsports:-forcing you to munch on My caviar!! tasteful and delightful!!  and the ultimate in being forced! 🙂  i love to play with your mental and your physical. 

You WILL always take a subordinate role and be called a manner of names, tongue lashed and  you will be constantly told of your low status!

Physically- you will be dressed in whatever i desire, the more ridiculous the better! Ejaculating, spitting, slapping, ear pulling and urinating on your submissive little being! Oh such fun!!

SOOOOO on that little intro i would just like to say….


CALLING ALL Piggies, pooches and bitches…

Your ALPHA BITCH is back from holidays with a vengeance! more mean! with a venomous tongue to put you in your place and a wicked sense of humour mostly to LAUGH at you MY pets!! :)))

Yes today’s focus being on ANIMAL PLAY….

Have you dreamt of being deliriously laughed at, mocked, degraded, embarrassed at your pathetic self!

I can be VERY VOCAL with a razor sharp tongue that will cut like a knife, some of you may seek to be demeaned by forms of an acting role also this simply can ALL be put in place!

As this little trotter  found out the other day! 🙂 i had the most fun humiliating this piggie !!

Treats! were sniffing Mistresses beautiful bottom : )


ALL Pets will wear a collar at ALL times unless i decide otherwise and/or leashed, and be forced to walk behind ME always.

My beloved pooches will also be made to eat scraps of whatever i decide from the dog bowl and lap up any liquid given!

Piggies will ‘oink’  and ALL pets may be made to perform tasks, of which if not performed correctly  will incurr punishment!

One of My friends May also be brought into the scene to embarrass you further!! LOL… 

All of the above is obviously all negotiated beforehand your desires, limits scene etc.

Mistress is waiting for more PETS to entertain her :))

Until next time whoofters and hooters x x x