Hi there folks i do hope you are all well, as you all know i am apt in the art of creating and playing out role play scenarios along with My Sadistic inclinations i  revelled in this particular scene one of My subs had sent Me. I was only to happy to play it out!

From a recent session…

M16  *evil*chief  agent A, interrogates North Korean spy Jay!

Does this conjure up visions of tentative, nervous, scary, thoughts?!  YES be afraid i would!

Spy J was captured and sent to Me, i was a chief agent for M16 and i had sent spy J out on a very intricate, dangerous mission to infiltrate secret government agencies and report back with  top secret documents.

Instead he leaked out vital information to the enemy, exposing Me and our company putting us at GREAT risk!! for that he will be severely dealt with or incarcerated for the rest of his life, but i was going to make him pay first!! 

BIG BIG MISTAKE!!and one he will not likely to admit to!!

Entering in to My headquarters i questioned him and told him the reasons he was here, i beckoned him to the corner i told him to strip naked, i then tied him securely to a chair. Upper chest,arms, forearms,thighs, legs and feet totally immobilized, i left the gag and hood untill later!

A. “Give up your secrets or pay for it HARD!!”

Wandering around the chair, i looked My spy straight in the eye and rested My hands on his shoulders.

A. “I have ways of squeezing information out of you, i will employ all types of coercion to make you confess… be afraid i would! You betrayed Me!

Not only will i be rigorous with your mind, body and emotional senses, i will wear you down and push your buttons! i know your fears and insecurities that reside in your psyche!

You will confess ALL” and i slapped him hard across his cheeks knocking his face from side to side, twisting his nipples and digging My nails in as hard as i could, then applying the most rigorous, heavy duty cold stainless steel clamps. 

J.”I beg you Agent A, please let Me explain i was forced into a situation where i had no choice there were tyrants from all over! i beg you!” it wasn’t me”

A.”What do you mean you were forced into a situation, it wasn’t you, your contradicting yourself aren’t you?!!”

J.” I mean i lied and gave them a cover story to protect us, i was getting attacked from all corners but managed to save our skin”


Kicking him hard in the groin, i watched his face contort in agony. I was determined to break him, to get him to divulge the truth, he broke Superior ethical rules of conduct, i would NOT allow him to get away with this!! 

Getting a short black whip with 12 cowhide strands, i snapped it precisley across his inner thighs and across his body. Howling and jerking as angry red stripes immediately appeared.

I bent down “want to tell Me now?”

Spy J soon realises he hasn’t a leg to stand on no pun intended, and that he is hopelessly at the mercy of his beautiful formidable Agent/ captor!

J. ” Aaaaaiiii cccan tell you Agent A that”…. he proceeded with a long drawn out insignificant story! i was not going to listen to this pile of nonsense!

That’s it i went and got a gag and hood and placed them accordingly! now he wil really suffer...

Lighting a red candle i watched it flicker, then slowly trickled it over his cock and balls that were tied up ready to pop! dripping it over his shoulders and nipples, i watched him  writhe and twist i then continued with the bullwhip until i knew he could take no more.

I whipped off his hood and took out the ball gag, panting and gasping he pleaded… 

I didn’t inherit My name and position without due reason!

Finally he confessed, i left him in confinement to recover!!

After his recovery, spy J said “WOW”! Miss A that was the best roleplay scenario ever, i can see where your Performing Arts background comes into play i was thoroughly caught up in the scene, you are a real Professional and far surpassed anything i had ever imagined! you completely overpowered Me and kept Me on a sizzling edge. I will definitely be back for more”….. 

Mission accomplished! 

Evil Agent A over and out! x x