Hi there all you kinky folk, hope you are all being as naughty/well behaved as ever?!! undoubtedly  good as allways in My presence ! 🙂

Sorry if i don’t blog as much as you guys would probably prefer, but  im really very busy with work, My other business ventures and expanding My academic skills, i really am on the go go!

On a positive note, i am pleased to announce the arrival of My HOT beautiful new submissive girl to My stable 🙂


As you can see from the pics, she is young, sweet, very willing, and very submissive! and has a voracious appetite for punishment and submission.

She is more than willing to submit for a firm spanking, paddling, a hard caning, rope, clamps…most things with discretion of course,  admittedly Miss K can be very naughty!! all the more for surrendering that beautiful pert bottom 🙂

Saying that, she takes a hard caning and i must admit there’s something about seeing those stripes appear on her well caned butt, that really get Me going too!! 

So if you feel you would like to introduce a new dynamic to the mix, and have a naughty little sub girl at My side and of course yours whatever the scenario, i guarantee it will leave you ‘hot under the collar’ and  you will leave with a most memorable experience.

A sublime mixture of submission & My dominant self:))

Sub girl sessions need to be booked in advance, with a deposit of £50, email Me if you are interested:-

I look forward to our adventures, until next time… 

 Allure x x