Well helloooo there guy’s, soz it’ been a while but lot’s going on….what with Xmas, studying :>) then hols for 2 weeks which was amaZZing!!  then to get sick with a nasty bug!  of which set Me back with a whole host of things! 🙁

But fully recovered and having fun with YOU boys!! which brings Me to a most recent session with one of My favourite subbies, only too happy to suffer and submit to whatever is on My agenda! 🙂

Very adapt at construing *roleplay scenarios* hence My background in performing arts, i was only too happy to create a scene which i fully enjoy playing.

Little did he know what was in store….

As soon as he come in i ordered him to drop to the floor and interrogation began!!

I was informed through My company that Mr. J was continuously turning up late! he had already been reprimanded about this, but still it continued?!

Not only that a VERY serious offence had also been bought to My attention! SOLID PROOF from the surveillance cameras which are installed at various points, away from the roving eye!

There’s nothing quite like catching a thief! and those crazy action packed moments after!! I mean the absurbity of it!! lol oh he was definitely caught in the act! stupid man!

How dare he sneak back into My office, steal My MOST expensive silk nylons (agent provocateur) My favourite and My beautiful silk (La Perla) panties!! I kept in My cupboard for special occasions and the odd dinner out.

I had wondered where they kept vanishing to? and so cameras had been set in place! and now i had caught the culprit!

Not only that he had put them on underneath his clothes, sat in My office and wanked, and todelled off home in them!! A bloody cheek if you ask ME!! How dare he?!!

I just couldn’t quite believe it?! i mean Mr.J was one of My top senior partners and had a very well payed salary, with many perks of the job! surely he wouldn’t want to jeopardise that?!!

Interrogating him, i gave him a  last chance to confess, he had no idea i had the tapes! at first he was slightly hesitant, then when threatened with the sack  in a blubbering nervous wreck he admitted his shameful act, the theft and why he kept coming in late!! 


I told him i may consider keeping him on, only if he did as i said and that he would be humiliated in any way as part of the consequences! of course he surrendered.

He told Me he had a fetish for beautiful nylons and panties, adored the nylons on Me, and that he had just wanted to feel Me next to his skin!! lame excuse! LOL :))

I told him i was going to dress him as a girl and use him as My bitch and perform any lewd acts from thereon!

Firstly i made him dress in stockings, panties, ladies wear and heels, what a pathetic sight he looked! i wanted him to feel the humiliation of being forced into womens clothes and then on with some slut training!

Tied securely in rope, forced on his knees and forced to suck My huge strapon, repeating “what a pathetic little sissy slut he was”!

After, i made him get on the strapping bench, where i would show him how *sluts* got f*cked!

Strapped down and given a most HARSH spanking and strapping, one he would never forget in a hurry!

30 with My bare hand to warm the pathetic backside up, then 30 with My lovely black leather strap!!

The pathetic boy got his just desserts!!

I took pictures of him and informed him they would be posted alongside the photographic evidence i already had of him on the “works noticeboard for all to see”! how thoroughly embarrassing! he begged Me not too, oh aaaand he was STILL going to loose his job”!

TUFF!  he wouldn’t do that in a hurry again!!

Crawl, grovel, beg to be in his place! I might consider you!! lol

And here we have the culprit….


You will crawl, grovel for forgiveness!!

Until next time….

laughing all the way home! 🙂

Allure x x