Hello Guy’s how the ‘devil are you?’ hope you are all being good, or bad? i prefer the latter!! then i can correct you in any way i want! lol! 🙂

Well lots going on… and then i had My computer melt down for quite a few weeks, which was a tad frustrating to say the least but all fixed thankfully. Systems are just not what they used to be! designed to break! crash! we are sooo controlled by them, a scary thought really! 🙁

I think i NEED a P.A. as i really don’t have much time, hence the lack of blogging!  SorrrrrY! at least mine are real, au naturel and from my own mother tongue! not some fancy script writer!!

Anyway on to the subject in hand, it’s always nice when your regular clients show their appreciation, or newcomers as a matter of fact, whether that be a small gift, flowers, cards or a thank you note” it shows they really enjoyed the session and appreciate your time.

You can also see all of My reviews on My ‘reviews page’ all of which are 100% genuine, sent from all  the lovely subs, slaves, sissies i have sessioned with over time.

My client from the States sent Me this a few weeks ago… a ‘thank you note’ it just made Me smile 🙂 fond memories!


Thought i would share it, as appreciation goes a long way, and i always enjoy our sessions together, of course not to mention with the select few of the rest of you zealous, humble males! i have gotten to know and you have had the pleasure of serving )) 

Thank you Alex, and i do look forward to your next visit.

Yours, with a BIG smile! a cutting tongue!! and knots of love 😉

Allure x x