Hi ALL , well spring is in the air & most certainly in My step! i look forward to airing My lovely feet in public once again.

Wiggling My toes through strappy sandals, causes utter chaos…or just peeping through those thin straps 🙂 inside or outside My playspace, men just seem to go GA GA! hardly surprising though 🙂

Which, brings Me on to My adoring foot fan who had the privilege of submitting to My feet recently, he just drools at the sight of them…

Anything to Kiss, lick, clean, caress whatever i command you will be totally smitten, My perfectly primed, glossy scarlet Red toes, perfectly aligned arches with a minuscule of ripples, ultra smooth silky soft skin to maybe crush you under or fill yr mouth full with My wiggling toes will most certainly be an honour…if i do decide you worthy!

I will tease, torment and control you! whether that be tied up, restrained, underneath them i WILL decide.. barefeet, in heels or clad in nylons as My lucky slave had the pleasure…a quick peek of My foot slave gazing adoringly 🙂 the ALLURE of My feet …his “archilles heel” as he  so put it! :))                                                                                  

2016-03-21_13.46.37.jpg footslave


 UNTIL NEXT TIME FOOT SLUTS, foot kisses xxx right across your mouth 😉