Traditional Discipline

 Well it all started wayyyy back in Timothy’s teenage years so he told Me.

He was the wayward, errant, devilish young man who seemed to always be in trouble, felt he was cursed in some ways as he was to and forth constantly to the HEAD MISSE’S office.

Scolded, reprimanded and punished in ways that significantly left their mark!!

Both physically and psychologically, he reminisced. Of course he fancied the Head Miss and fantasized about her endlessly.

Who wouldn’t she was stunning! tall, slim, strict with beautiful long legs, very very intimidating! aaaand, ruled with an iron hand!

BOYYY had he had some harsh spankings! and he remembered she had  the iciest of voices which made him shudder and nervously excited him at the same time!

“You will address Me as Miss Jones at ALL times” he remembered vivid in his memory, which looking back he said bought him to ME!!

” I was the perfect epitome of his school Head Miss”! so he said and he had heard through the grapevine that i could be the cruelest of Misses! perfect that was just what he was looking for.

So that leaves Me to say… YES! perfectly true Mr. Timothy 🙂

Giving a GOOD old fashioned spanking is one of My pleasures, and i must admit i do it rather well!.

I love nothing more than to pull you over My knee and spank that virgin flesh of your butt, until i am quite satisfied you have learnt your lesson!

In “Timothy’s case” he never did!! lol! which is why he kept coming back for more! I’m not sure if that’s because he had a crush on his Head teacher and he enjoyed the spankings, but i’m almost certain a mixture of both 🙂

I will punish you with strict no nonsense discipline, using traditional domestic implements. Hairbrushes, straps, paddles and of course My favourite… My good old FIRM hand! 

Not only will you be scolded, you will be ear marched into  a corner and made to stand hands on your head for however long i instruct, and any back chat will have your mouth washed of that demon tongue with a nice bar of My lovely soap!!

Then back over My knee, for a true, good and hard  OTK (over the knee) bare bottom spanking plus some wicked smacks with My leather straps/paddles. You will be more than flushed by the time i have finished with you! 

No matter how much you may whimper, protest , flail or cry! it will end when i say it ends.

I am in charge, you do as i say! The spankings i give are mine! i will decide everything from the intensity, the length, the implement and when they will finish 🙂

Having whacked your bare butt, i will then apply some lotion, spray or cream to your reddened sore cheeks. The alcohol based lotion may sting and add to your already stinging butt cheeks, but will also cool your glowing red ass!

You will feel a catharsis and amazing release you hadn’t expected. LESSON LEARNT!!

The end result of Timothy’s, bare bottom spanking role play scenario, a few days ago!….


 The moral of the story is once bitten! twice smitten!! :-))

Until next time…. SLAP! SMACK!  Allure x x 😉