Hi there kinky folks, sorry for the eerie silence on here but i have been extremely busy!!

Yes guy’s wrapping you up in more ways than one, was the topic of recent event’s with one of My new slaves who i must admit surpassed in ALL areas to his submission, it was definitely a pleasant afternoon one spent ‘MUMMIFYING him’!!

Being a new submissive i gently coaxed him into My darkest, devious ways 🙂 with My expert guidance and feminine prowess!! :)) he felt safe and i knew exactly what he needed and boy did he get it!! *SMIRKS* 

Wrapped secure from head to toe in plastic wrap, holes plucked out for breathing access and the obvious targets!! for some titillation and copious amounts of torture 🙂 … 

Alas to end with some humiliation, after all its pretty darned HOT tightly wrapped in clingfilm, so the least of all i could do was parch his thirst with some well earned champagne ! ORGANIC as you can get!!:))

Imagine that heady feeling of being helpless and immobile, between periods of bitter sweet stimulation just slipping into a kinda sexual fugue ending with a SUPER ORGASM!!

BONDAGE,….. there’s something to be said about it!! capturing his submissive soul 😉

Yours snugly,

Allure x x